More About Me

Meet Jake the realtor

Jake is a dedicated and experienced realtor who truly cares about his clients and his community. His long-standing real estate career in Fredericton, New Brunswick, speaks volumes about his commitment and expertise in the local real estate market. It's evident that Jake values building strong relationships and providing top-notch service to his clients, which is crucial in such a personal and significant transaction as buying or selling a home. With his positive attitude and willingness to take on challenges, Jake is the kind of realtor anyone would want on their side when navigating the housing market. 

Jake's personal side

Jake has a wonderful family and enjoys a rich life filled with adventure. Bowie & Jacob (his young children) keep him on his toes with their energy, and having two dogs, Dakota and Diesel, adds even more joy and activity to their household. His partner Erica adds a special touch to their family dynamic, contributing her own unique love and care to their children's upbringing. Jake values spending time with loved ones and exploring the world around them. Whether they're embarking on outdoor adventures, attending events, or simply cherishing moments at home.

Some of Jake's interests

Jake thoroughly enjoys skiing and snowmobiling in the winter and in the summer, you can usually find him on the golf course or on the water boating and fishing. He has a passion for cooking and usually has a few recommendations up his sleeve. He loves anything to do with being outdoors and staying fit with activities like hiking, going to the gym & swimming.